Security Deposits

Services for Residential Tenants

"This is one area of the law which is clear and unambiguous. For both the tenant AND the landlord, the potential penalties for failure to follow the law may be quite severe."
- Former Athens-Clarke County Magistrate Judge Laura Jack

Georgia law establishes strict guidelines for how most landlords must handle their residential tenants' security deposits. If a landlord wrongfully keeps too much of a deposit, or does not follow the correct procedures for holding and returning the deposit, they may owe the tenant three times the deposit, plus attorney's fees.

At the Law Office of Charles Jones we have years of experience in helping tenants recover their security deposits. Often we are able to resolve the matter with a simple letter to the landlord or property manager; but we will gladly go to Court if necessary. We are able to offer very low fee retainers for security deposit cases, and collect the remainder of our fee from the landlord after a successful judgment.

If you believe you are entitled to more of your security deposit back, please fill out our online case evaluation form, and an Attorney will be in contact with you!

Security Deposit Tip:
Always bring a camera, a pen and paper, and a witness with you on move-in day. Make the landlord write down each defect or damage you observe. Be picky.