Welcome New Clients!

Welcome, and thank you for inquiring about the legal services available through the Law Office of Charles Jones. We look forward to you joining our many satisfied clients! The following are some of the questions most frequently asked by those seeking to become clients of this firm.

1. How much is this going to cost me?
  We can only give you a quote for legal fees after consulting with you one-on-one. Your fee depends not only on the type of case you have, but also the complexity of your case, any time deadlines that may be approaching, outside resources that may be necessary to secure the best results for your case, and the fullness of our current docket, among many other factors. We can also often perform some services, such as security deposit cases and DUI plea negotiations, on a one-time flat fee basis.

2. Will you take my case on a contingency ("no fee unless we win") basis?
  Ordinarily, an Attorney needs to get paid for his work just as you would pay any other professional like a doctor or dentist. For exceptional circumstances, where your case appears to have very strong merit and you are financially unable to proceed any other way, we may be able to discuss a contingency fee arrangement with a small initial deposit.

Legal Note: "Contingent fees" and "no fee unless we win" refer only to those fees charged by an Attorney for his legal services. Court costs and other additional expenses of litigation must usually be paid by the Client. Contingent fees are not permissible in all types of cases.

3. Where is your office located? Can I drop by for a consultation?
  We are currently in the process of relocating our office. For the time being, Attorney Charles Jones finds it efficient to meet clients in the conference rooms of their local courthouses. This enables us to serve all our clients' needs efficiently rather than spend unnecessary travel time. We do ask that you contact us first to arrange an appointment, as Court schedules frequently change unexpectedly.

4. I have a busy work or school schedule. Can you make weekend or evening appointments?
  Yes! For your convenience we are also able to do consultations by telephone. There is a nominal charge for after-hours consultations.

5. What do I need to bring to the consultation?
  Please bring all the documents you have related to your case. This includes all tickets and police reports you received, all Court papers you have been served, all letters that have gone back and forth between you and the other party, etc. Please also print, fill out, and bring our New Client Welcome Form!

6. Is the initial consultation free?
  Yes! Your first hour consultation with Attorney Charles Jones is free, with the exception of a small charge for after-hours appointments. An initial consultation does not guarantee that the Law Office of Charles Jones will be able to take your case. An Attorney-client relationship is only formed after you and the Office sign a letter of representation and fee agreement.

7. My friend told me you won a big verdict for him, or got him a very favourable plea deal. Can you do the same for me?
  We will be glad to consult with you about your case, and if we take your case we will do our very best to get you maximum results. But, even though they may seem similar, every case is different, and every judge and jury are different. There are no guarantees as to how your case will turn out.

8. May I see a sample of your work before I hire you?
  We currently have two samples of legal briefs written by Attorney Charles Jones at this link. Please understand however that past successes do not guarantee future results; every case is different.

9. I'm going to Small Claims (Magistrate) Court. I don't think my case is big enough to justify hiring a lawyer, but I need help understanding how to do things in Court. Can you help?
  It is always best to have an attorney on your side even in small claims Court, because the other side may very well come into the Courtroom with an attorney. However, we do offer procedural assistance in terms of showing you what a Magistrate Court hearing is like, what documents you need to file, how to subpoena witnesses, and how to present things to the Judge in an orderly fashion. The fee will be less than if the Firm represented you in the actual case.

10. My son or daughter is starting college in the fall. I would like to pay a small monthly fee have a lawyer "on call" if he/she needs any help, such as with speeding tickets or noise violations. Do you offer this kind of pre-paid service?
  We do offer some limited pre-paid legal services. We will be happy to go over our terms of service and rates at your consultation.

11. What should I do if I am stopped for a DUI?
  The best answer, of course, is: Never drive under the influence! We do offer an occasional seminar on your rights as a motorist, and your rights when you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI. We hope you will join us for one of these seminars. One free tip: Never take the field sobriety (eye-pen, count backwards on one foot, pre-arrest Alco-Sensor) tests. They will not help you.

12. Do you offer military discounts?
Yes! We are proud to show our thanks to those who keep us free and secure by offering military discounts for those who have served their country, and for the families of those who are currently deployed. Be sure to mention your military service at your consultation!