Legal Services for Musicians and Bands

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"Music is one of the oldest forms of human expression. From Plato's dicourse in the Republic to the totalitarian state in our own times, rulers have known its capactiy to appeal to the intellect and to the emotions, and have censored musical compositions to serve the needs of the state. The Constitution prohibits any like attempts in our own legal order. Music, as a form of expression and communication, is protected under the First Amendment."
Ward v. Rock Against Racism, 491 U.S. 781 (1989) (Kennedy, J.)

In addition to passion and art and expression, music is also a business. As operators of a business, musicians and band members have specific legal needs. For instance, a band, like any other small business, may be set up as a Limited Liability Company. Members of a band may have a partnership or an employment contract. The band itself should have contracts with performance venues and technical personnel. A trained Attorney can help the band, and its management, draft these contracts to ensure the band's best interests. Finally, if a relationship with a band member or venue manager goes sour, those contracts may need to be enforced in a Court of law.

Attorney Charles Jones has years of experience in drafting and enforcing contracts, including the sponsorship and venue contracts for a major 2006 Athens pool party that hosted over 1,000 guests. He has taught contracts and other aspects of business law at the college level. The Law Office of Charles Jones is able to draft fair yet iron-clad legal contracts that minimize the likelihood of a dispute ever arising, and that protect the band if a dispute ever does arise.

If you are starting or are active in a musical band, or if you are a solo artist or manager, contact the Law Office of Charles Jones today to discuss the legal and business aspects of your art! Concentrate on making music and leave the legal to us!

Musicians and Bands Tip:
Never use the basic form contracts you can buy at an office supply store or print off the Internet. Not only are they often full of loopholes, they also give the person you're dealing with the impression you are not a professional.