Civil Litigation

In Georgia's State and Federal Courts

"Charles is a strong advocate for his clients. He explores every angle of his cases to find ways to get the right results. He is unflappable in court and does not get intimidated by maneuvers from opposing attorneys."
- Attorney Adrian Pritchett, Oconee County, Georgia

When a dispute reaches the level of litigation, a hard working Attorney is essential to a successful presentation of the case to a judge and jury. We have experience in small claims as well as cases involving significant damages, and we treat each case with the same drive toward maximum results for our clients.

The Firm's first goal, of course, is to resolve any dispute before it reaches the litigation stage. We are experienced at mediation and settlement negotiation. This approach to dispute resolution minimizes the cost and stress for our clients. If all else fails, however, we aggressively pursue justice through the Court system. Attorney Charles Jones is licensed to practice in all Georgia trial courts, and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia.

If you have a legal claim against someone, if someone has a claim against you, or if you simply want to explore your options with respect to a disagreement you are having, contact us today to schedule an appointment! Be sure to tell us if you have already received lawsuit papers, or if it has been more than 8 months since the injury occurred, because you may be facing critical deadlines.

Civil Litigation Tip:
You have the right to have an Attorney represent you even in Magistrate ("small claims") Court. Having an Attorney can significantly improve your negotiating position and chances of success before the Judge.