Legal Research and Brief Writing

Services for Fellow Attorneys

"All the careful strategy in the world will be of no assistance to you unless you write clearly and forcefully."
- Judge Irving Kaufman, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (1961-1987)

For many attorneys, legal research and brief-writing is a less-than-glamorous aspect of practice reminiscent of 1L days. But many motions, including those for summary judgment or to exclude critical evidence, are decided on briefs alone (See Uniform Super. Ct. R. 6.3). With a background in political science, judicial clerkship experience, and access to the most powerful legal research tools, Charles Jones is able to craft powerful and persuasive briefs that highlight the heart of your case.

The following are sample briefs written by Attorney Charles Jones. These are of course presented as samples only, and are used with client permission, with sensitive information redacted.

  1. Trial Court Brief: Opposing a defense motion for summary judgment in a Fair Labor Standards Act case.
  2. Appellate Brief: Arguing that a trial court applied incorrect law with respect to standing in a free speech pre-enforcement challenge. (Identifying information is not redacted because this is a public interest case)

The Law Office of Charles Jones offers legal research and writing services to fellow Georgia Attorneys on an ad-hoc, contract basis. Please contact us to discuss your research and briefing needs, and how we can help you put your case before the Judge on paper in the best possible light!

Brief Writing Tip:
Many experts, including Black's Law Dictionary editor Bryan A. Garner, recommend putting all citations in footnotes instead of in text, for a more forceful presentation. Others, such as Justice Antonin Scalia, disagree, preferring in-text citations. Know your audience.