Appellate Practice

Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

B.R.I.E.F. - Brevity, Responsibility. Innovative. Exciting (or effective). Factually correct.
- Chief Judge Yvette Miller, Georgia Court of Appeals

An appeal is often a citizen's last chance to obtain justice from the Court system. Appeals courts are set up to give cases a second look and correct any legal errors made by the lower court. The appellate process is a highly technical and demanding practice of law, requiring a thorough knowledge of case law, statute, and rules of the appellate courts. Most appeals result in a published judicial opinion that guides future courts in similar cases.

Attorney Charles Jones is licensed in both the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals, and has argued in both. He has done both criminal and civil appellate work. Being in close proximity to the University of Georgia Law Library, we have access to the most powerful research tools, including all published case law from Georgia's appellate courts and those of all 49 other states, the District of Columbia, and the federal courts. We also occasionally associate additional contract counsel to make sure our client's appeal is explored from every possible angle. We then prepare an appellate brief and argument that our clients can be proud of.

If you feel you did not get a fair trial, or the judge made a legal mistake, and you want a higher Court to take a second look at your case, we wil be glad to consult with you regarding our appeal services. An appeal is a significant investment, and you deserve an Attorney who is as committed to your case as you are.

Appellate Practice Tip:
The Georgia appellate courts have separate jurisdictions - meaning that some cases go to the Court of Appeals, and some cases go directly to the Supreme Court. Choosing the wrong appellate court can drag your case out for many months.